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The Daily Nationalist: Child Care in Pakistan – DN 101018

dn 101018

Sven Longshanks looks at the culturally accepted practice of baby murder in Pakistan, truthful statistics in text books called ‘racist’ in Britain and Austria’s new laws banning non-Whites from owning weapons.

It is not just culturally acceptable to murder baby girls in Pakistan but they don’t even bother to give them a decent burial, just throwing them out with the trash. Charities over there are concerned about this, but not at the murder itself, just the burial part.

They blame poverty and illiteracy for the hundreds of baby bodies found in Karachi alone, but when it’s the iman of a mosque demanding a 4-day-old be stoned to death, that excuse can clearly be seen for what it is, just another attempt at blackmail for more aid money.

In Britain there is outrage over a textbook that claims most families in the Caribbean don’t have a father present, when any simple search for statistics will prove that to be true. In fact wherever you find negroes you will find most of them were brought up without a father. One of the main critics claiming this fact is ‘racist stereotyping’ is David Lammy MP who was himself brought up by his single parent mother.

Austria has actually made some laws based on racial profiling at last, showing a glimmer of hope that other European countries may follow. They have banned refugees and non-European migrants from owning knives, after a massive increase in knife crime where over half the perpetrators were non-White. They had already banned non-Whites from owning guns which if America were to do, would probably cut shooting rates down by at least half. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Child Care in Pakistan – DN 101018


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