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Radio Free Northwest: Party Status Update – RFN 110118

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Andy starts this week’s podcast with a warning not to make bombs even if they are fake and not to go shooting up synagogues either.

Comrade Don reads the first NWF organisational letter since Harold’s death, which details the challenges involved in keeping the NWF going and a change in direction for party resources.

Gretchen reviews ‘Influence, Science and Practice’ by Robert B Caldeny this week, which talks about social engineering and encourages readers to question their beliefs and the Trucker calls in from North Dakota with some job openings for White migrants to the northwest.

Andy returns to talk about community building and how the fact the NWF is still going after Harold’s death is proof of the community building that Harold was involved in. Harold did not leave a mess to be sorted out after him as there was a succession plan in place for when this eventually happened to him.

There has been a change in policy for comments at the website, if it has bad grammar or makes us look bad, then it will not be published.

Presented by Andy Donner

Radio Free Northwest: Party Status Update – RFN 110118


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