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The Daily Nationalist: Media Bias at the Mid-Term Elections – DN 110818

DN 110818

Sven Longshanks is joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson for a discussion on the results of the US mid-term elections and a hate-crime hoaxer who was identified during the middle of it.

Trump has stated that he sees the result as a victory, but at first glance it looks like he failed, as the Republicans lost their hold on the House of Representatives. However every president loses his hold on the House in the mid-terms, the victory is that the number of seats in the senate was increased. This is not something that usually happens and shows a lot of support for President Trump.

There were a lot of dirty tricks played during this election, particularly the censoring of a powerful campaign ad by the Republican party which was endorsed by the President himself. How can the general public make informed decisions about who to vote for, if the mainstream media prevents them from hearing what one of the party’s policies are?

Trump is right to castigate the media and did a grand job of taking CNN reporter Jim Accosta down a peg or two by telling him a few home truths yesterday. The reporter in question turned up at the White house today to find his press pass has been revoked.

While everyone was busy with the election a shocking hate crime took place at a Brooklyn synagogue, where somebody painted ‘Die Jew rats’ and ‘Hitler’ on the outside. After much handwringing and calls for the Far Right to be banned, it was discovered that the hater was actually a gay Black jewish boy. This is being portrayed as a ‘bizarre twist’ but it actually happens extremely often and is even predictable a lot of the time that it will turn out to be a hoax perpetrated by a minority. Last year’s ‘poo swastika’ comes to mind, as well as the Jewish student who made bomb threats to hundreds of synagogues before being identified and then disappearing completely from the news cycle.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: Media Bias at the Mid-Term Elections – DN 110818


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