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The Daily Nationalist: Solutions to Multiculturalism IV – DN 113018

dn 113018

Sven Longshanks gives examples and outlines reasons for the non-violent approach to demonstrations and indifference to minorities.

If Nationalists wish to protect themselves from hate crime laws, they should do what they can to show that they are not motivated by hate towards ethnic minorities, but by love of their own race and hate for what is being done to it.

There are no laws against inciting hate against the politicians who did this to us and they are the ones responsible. The minorities are just the weapons being used against us and just like we say it is not the guns killing people it is the people with the guns, we need to be correctly identifying the source of our genocide. It is traitors within our own race and it is them, if anyone, that we should be hating. Personally I save my hate for the Devil, but it is not illegal to ‘incite hate’ against traitor politicians or devils.

It is no good pretending that today the same conditions apply that did in the thirties, the opposition in the thirties were not a protected class that could accuse the National Socialists of being racist and get them jailed for decades. In Britain there were dozens of Nationalists jailed last year for simply defending themselves at a protest and the same happened at the UTR demonstration. If you can’t take being non-violent at a demonstration then you should not go. What changed the public’s perception of the Black civil rights protestors is seeing them non-violently being attacked and today’s laws effectively force us to take that same approach, which is now being encouraged by Patrick Little, Jared Taylor, Tommy Robinson and probably a lot more that we don’t know about.

We should be doing all we can to lawfully prevent White genocide, whether that be supporting political organisations, ethno-nationalist groups or taking part in Nationalist community activities, while at the same time working on our own individual lives and helping those around us in our White communities.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Solutions to Multiculturalism IV – DN 113018


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