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Radio Free Northwest: Avoiding Another Fields – RFN 011019

Radio Free Northwest does what they do best with Andy explaining what can be learned from the Fields Case, Gretchen on ‘The Black Hand’ & Harold on running away to join the circus.

Andy begins by discussing the conviction of James Alex Fields, which is a good example of what happens when people ignore the advice of their more experienced elders.

First degree murder means pre-meditated use of lethal force. It does not need a particular target, just that you made plans to use lethal force and Fields broadcast his intent to use violence before going to UTR.

If you go somewhere that you have a reasonable expectation of being attacked and you carry a weapon, then that means firing it is premeditated. If you know there could be violence somewhere, you are supposed to avoid it, not go there with a weapon to engage with it. This is the reason why he was charged with first degree murder. Even though it was in the form of a joke, he did broadcast his intention to use violence before going on to then lose control of his car causing injury and death.

Don’t make threats and don’t make threats even in the form of jokes if you want to stay out of trouble.

Gretchen reviews ‘The Black Hand – The History of the Secret Serbian Nationalist Group’ by Charles River Editors and retells the story that led up to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that led to world war one.

The Trucker is in North Dakota and he talks about the dangers of using technology while you are driving.

The clip of Harold this week is where he talks about ‘running away to join the circus’ and why it is not such a great idea to draw attention to yourself just in order to ‘do something’.

Presented by Andy Donner

Radio Free Northwest: Avoiding Another Fields – RFN 011019


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