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The Daily Nationalist: Consenting Goats and ‘Random’ Attacks – DN 010419

dn 010419

Sven Longshanks covers news of a rampaging mob of foreigners beating Whites in Germany, two negroes dying while showing off guns in America and the raping of goats in Africa.

The war in Europe continues to heat up with a gang of fake asylum seekers beating every White German they could lay their hands on in the city of Amberg. Many in Germany would like to deport foreigners who carry out violent crimes against the kindly people who are hosting them in their nation, but the German constitution prevents anyone being deported to a country which has the death penalty.

The intruders know that the worst Germany will do is feed them, clothe them and house them in prison, which in many instances is better than living as free man in their homelands, so there is no real deterrent to prevent behaviour like this. Two thirds of the invaders Merkel welcomed into the country are out of work and on benefits, while the German media constantly tells them that it is German racism to blame for them being out of work.

Politicians have tried to claim that attacks like this are not typical of the invaders, but the German public can see for themselves what these creatures are like. Even the so-called civilised ones that have been in America for hundreds of years are still responsible for the majority of crime and particularly shooting incidents.

In Georgia recently a groups of negro juveniles were sending videos of themselves playing with guns, when the gun went off and killed one of them. Instead of calling the emergency services, the negro with the gun ran off and then managed to shoot himself with it too, leaving two more negroes dead due to their own stupidity. If America was to ban negroes from owning firearms, it would cut gun crime by half at least.

As well as being trigger happy, negroes often find their sexual instincts impossible to resist and if there isn’t a negress handy to ‘borrow’ then an animal will commonly be used instead. There are even instances of them using corpses, as happened recently in a British morgue, but more often than not a nearby goat will be used to gratify the negroes primal urges. Even the goat being pregnant is not enough to deter them, as one incident in South Africa and another in Zambia last year show. This most recent goat raping however is being contested, as the negro has told the court it was consensual sex as the goat gave him permission first.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Consenting Goats and ‘Random’ Attacks – DN 010419


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