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The Daily Nationalist: Forget the Lawyer, We Prefer a Witchdoctor – DN 011819

Sven Longshanks looks at the savagery in Africa that is now happening in White countries, while Whites trip over themselves trying not to offend the former savages.

One of very few FGM trials ever to take place has begun in Britain and instead of trying to get a good lawyer, the negroes involved nailed a few cow’s tongues together and put the names of the police involved into prices of fruit before hiding them.

Blacks do not understand our system of law, they think the result of a court case is down to bad ju ju or good ju ju, therefore the best way to win is to get yourself a good witchdoctor.

Even the ones that have been in White countries for a while and no longer have the contacts to get themselves a witchdoctor will still always plead innocent and hope that the gods favour them. This can easily be confirmed by the the crazy alibis they give in court and the David Lammy report, which states that Blacks receive longer sentences because they always plead innocent, even when they are obviously guilty.

Witchcraft and barbarism have always been a part of negro custom and tradition, as evidenced by the compilation of reports contained in ‘Negroes in Negroland’.

A people that never even invented a house and instead lived in huts, hovels and holes today think they invented certain hairstyles, clothing and symbols, when all three concepts never even existed in Black Africa, let alone variations upon them.

A White comedian has been banned from speaking at a comedy club in Montreal because his hair ‘is a vehicle for racism’. Apparently dreadlocks were invented by Blacks, but Blacks were not even able to plait their hair until they discovered the White man’s hair care products and appropriated them. Real dreadlocks can only be made with the natural oils that only the White man’s hair contains.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Forget the Lawyer, We Prefer a Witchdoctor – DN 011819


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