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The Daily Nationalist: Riding the Populist Wave – DN 010919

dn 010919

Sven Longshanks and Eddy Morrison discuss the rising tide of populism and why we should be supporting it.

Populist parties are succeeding all over Europe and are starting to enact policies that any White Nationalist would approve of, such as cutting immigration by 80% in Italy and creating a solid border to deter invaders in Hungary.

The Yellow Vest movement has united both the Right and the Left in France against globalism and it has so far spread to Canada, Belgium and Britain.

In Britain we have UKIP who have improved massively under the leadership of Gerard Batten and who were able to muster a protest of 5,000 people that outnumbered antifa 5 to 1 recently in London.

We should be applauding these groups for what they have achieved and doing what we can to help them, rather than criticising them out of loyalty to other more ideologically pure organisations that don’t have any influence.

Whether you are a civic Nationalist or an ethno-Nationalist, we are all being de-platformed and defamed by the same people and the majority of our goals coincide. Yes, there may be some counter-signalling, but the good of our people should come first, rather than bruised egos.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Eddy Morrison

The Daily Nationalist: Riding the Populist Wave – DN 010919


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