The Daily Nationalist: Scientific Study Claims Racism to Blame for Jihadi Terrorism – DN 010719 - Radio Aryan


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The Daily Nationalist: Scientific Study Claims Racism to Blame for Jihadi Terrorism – DN 010719

dn 010719
The author of the study Nafees Hamid who couldn’t possibly be biased in any way

Sven Longshanks looks at new scientific evidence proving Whitey’s racism is to blame for jihadi terrorism, before discussing the Left wing terror bombing of the AFD’s offices in Germany.

Scientists are claiming that a new study on why Moslems embrace terrorism disproves the theory that Islam may have something to do with it.

They scanned extremist Moslems’ brains while they were in a peaceful state and asked them whether they would violently react to things such as not being able to build mosques wherever they liked. They then proceeded to irritate the subjects by inviting them to participate in a sports game, but refused to pass them the ball so they could not take part. In a shocking surprise to all, when the Moslems were in a state of annoyance, it was found that they were far more likely to say yes, killing people is justified if they don’t like Moslems.

They extrapolated from this, that the White man is to blame for Islamic terrorism because he hasn’t been friendly to Moslems enough. Never mind the fact that a civilised man keeps his emotions in check and acts rationally, rather than emotionally, in fact the whole of western civilisation relies upon men being willing to supress their more violent instincts. What this really shows is that Moslems cannot be trusted in our societies as the slightest annoyance runs the risk of turning them into human incendiary devices. It is no surprise to learn that the scientist responsible for the study is also a Moslem.

The Left aren’t any better than the jihadis, they are just as keen to blow things up when they don’t get their way. The AFD office in Döbeln was recently bombed by the local antifa and still they have not been declared a domestic terrorist organisation by the German authorities. This comes on top of their antifa releasing a booklet describing how to make bombs and naming the AFD offices as the targets and antifa members even being found stockpiling chemicals to be included in the bomb-making. How the antifa can think they are fighting the system when the system is constantly failing to identify their acts of terror as terrorism I don’t know. Perhaps they are all of a very low IQ.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Scientific Study Claims Racism to Blame for Jihadi Terrorism – DN 010719


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