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The Daily Nationalist: UK Election in April? – DN 011119

dn 011119
A family friend, who gave his name as Solomon, said the teenager, a talented boxer, was a "wonderful" and "loving" child (He dindu nuffin)

Sven Longshanks looks at the increasing chance of a UK general election, Black kids getting stabbed, the attempted murder of an AFD politician and Italian support for the Yellow Vests in France.

The running over and stabbing of a 14-year-old Negro has filled the news in Britain all week as we are expected to believe he was an innocent dindu nuffin at that age, however the pictures we were shown of him riding a moped with no license, no insurance and no tax and making gun gestures at the camera say different, so why has nobody pointed this out? It was quite clearly a gang killing and he quite clearly idolised gang members and moped robbers.

Theresa May’s deal is now being debated in parliament and already there has been sabotage from her own side. The Speaker of the House John Bercow broke with all tradition and set a new precedent by allowing a vote to take place, that forces May to reveal her ‘Plan B’ within 3 days of of the final vote on her deal. This will likely have the opposite effect the remoaners were hoping for, since she will not have the time to go back to the EU for extra negotiations and as we have said before, there can be no second referendum as Britain could not stay in the EU anyway with no Euro-MPs. Instead, the likelihood is that she would call a general election for just after the leave date, which would prevent any legislation being put in place to prevent Brexit and would mean leaving on WTO terms.

While British politicians complain about being sang at and called names, in Germany the AFD MP for Bremen has been the victim of an assassination attempt by the Far Left. This comes within days of an AFD office being blown up and still the EU still refuses to designate antifa as a terrorist organisation.

Italy is really enjoying watching Macron suffer in France at the moment and rightly so, after Macron called Nationalists ‘traitors’ and ‘like leprosy’. The Lega party have offered internet space to the Yellow Vests on their forum for suggesting policies and voting on them. Although this is very funny, it may backfire were the Yellow Vests to form a political party, as they would take votes away from Le Pen who is hoping to give Macron a sound thrashing in the upcoming EU elections in May.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: UK Election in April? – DN 011119


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