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Radio Free Northwest: The American Dream – RFN 030719

Andy Donner talks about why we shouldn’t use Discord, Gretchen reviews an Evola book and there’s a panel discussion on Americanism and the American dream.

Andy begins by giving his reasons for not using a discord server, besides the security risk of the company handing people’s IP addresses out.

Despite good intentions, it is far too easy to trip up and say something that could be misinterpreted on servers like this. Matt Hale is in prison right now for saying something that was taken the wrong way.
Self improvement is a much better use for our time than social networks anyway.

Gretchen reviews ‘A Handbook for Right Wing Youth’ by Julius Evola where he talks about the problem of using left wing tools to achieve right wing aims.

Nationalism should not be a reaction against something, but a vocation in itself.

Andy returns to discuss ‘A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement’ which documents all the character issues that White Nationalism has had since it’s inception.

Finally there is a panel discussion on what it means to be American and how European Nationalists have a stronger sense of unity than Americans do.

Andy points out that the American dream is avoiding the consequences of your actions and gives many examples of this from American history.

Presented by Andy Donner

Radio Free Northwest: The American Dream – RFN 030719


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