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The Daily Nationalist: ISIS and the Grooming Gangs – DN 031219

Sven Longshanks looks at jihadi wives justifying rape and genocide with the Koran and Somalian youths moving back to Africa, fleeing the risk of being stabbed and murdered in London.

There is very little difference between the grooming gangs in Europe and the Isis fighters in Syria as far as their treatment of non-Moslem women goes. The Yazidi were passed around from male to male and used as sex slaves, while kept locked up away from their families and forced to do demeaning things like eating grass. How is this any different to White girls being groomed and passed around Moslem uncles, brothers and cousins, while being kept away from their families, brutalised and told they are the property of the grooming gang? Both groups use the Koran to justify it, just as the jihadi brides do in Syria.

We also learn from these brides that there are 130 Yazidi boys trained to be jihadi terrorists by Isis. This is the same as was done in Bulgaria, where families had to hand their male babies over to the Turks for them to train them up as assassins. The Moslems justify all of this by saying their victims are captives of war, non-Moslem and their property. There are those who claim Islam has never progressed from mediaeval barbarism, but even in Mediaeval times Europeans treated their enemies with decency and respect.

Britain has now become so lawless in areas thanks to the immigration policies of the traitor politicians that Black youths are travelling back to Somalia, Kenya and Somaliland to get away from it. They think it preferable to run the risk of being beheaded, raped and eaten than go out on the streets of London at night. Once again Nationalists have been proven correct, wherever you put Africans they create Africa and wherever you put Europeans they create Europe.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: ISIS and the Grooming Gangs – DN 031219


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