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The Daily Nationalist: An Exercise in Criminalising Dissent – DN 041119

Sven Longshanks and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson look at reports from the congressional hearing on White Nationalism and the Bill that was the result of it.

This hearing was so biased against White Nationalistm that not even one Nationalist was invited there to defend it. Instead, there was the Black Republican Candace Owens who to be fair, did point out that it was Antifa who should be investigated and not White Nationalists.

Also supposedly speaking up for Nationalists was the head of the Zionist Organisation of America Morton Klein, who wanted the Democrats investigated for anti-Semitism instead of White Nationalists.

One Jew and one Negro were the only defence White people who love their nation and their country had, against an army of Jews on the Left brought in as ‘experts’ on White Nationalism.

They used fake statistics that included all the hate crime hoaxes carried out by Jews and Blacks against their own and when comparing them to Islamic terrorism, left out the most deadliest terror attack of all time, 911.

Halfway through the session the comments had to be shut down at Youtube, as too many members of the public were pointing out the inconsistencies and criticising the motives of the people concerned. This of course was referred to as ‘hate’.

The upshot of it all was a new bill seeking to define White Nationalism as domestic terrorism and the diverting of funds towards fighting it, particularly in the police and army with a special new inter-agency task force devoted to rooting out wrong think.

Of course they failed to define what White Nationalism actually is beyond it being a convenient slur to use against their political opponents, so this is really just a way of criminalising any genuine dissent among the population and jailing the competitors of the main stream media.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: An Exercise in Criminalising Dissent – DN 041119


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