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The Daily Nationalist: Trans-Gender Supremacy – DN 040819

Sven Longshanks continues to document the collapse of the West by looking at trans-gender supremacy in Britain, mediaeval diseases from third world conditions in California and the world’s oldest beard baby so far in France.

A trans-gender has complained that a British hospital nurse was shocked to see a biological man in a kinky outfit pretending to be a woman, while they were on duty in the ward.

The nurse claims that the transgender had a full beard, yet the he/she is pretending that they never had a beard even before starting hormone treatments. This is obviously a lie, as they have a large square chin consistent with a high amount of testosterone which would have caused heavy beard growth before they started ‘transitioning’.

Why are we being forced to go along with transgender’s delusions that they are women? What about the rights of normal people not to be tricked into homosexual intimacy? The transgenders should be forced by law to declare that they are transgender, not everyone else be forced to pretend that they are not.

In California the conditions on the streets now resemble those in the the third world, with shanty towns springing up and so much human faeces everywhere that diseases not seen in the West since the middle ages are surfacing again. Diseases such as typhus are now rampant, showing that California is now in as bad a condition as Europe was at the end of the war. If you import the inhabitants of the third world into your country, the only logical outcome is that your country will eventually turn into the third world too.

In France they have discovered that one of their ‘unaccompanied child migrants’ is actually 47 years old. This could be a record for the oldest Black freeloader pretending to be a child and this discovery has also helped highlight the industrial scale forging of documents to allow Black adults to pass themselves off as children, in order to gain the extra benefits and protections that children are entitled to. Over a million euros have been stolen by them like this, but on top of that is all the risk and damage done to the real children that have to share their space with these frauds and are told it’s racist to complain about it.   

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Trans-Gender Supremacy – DN 040819


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