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Eternal Reich: Tears in Rain

Eternal Reich's new synthwave masterpiece 'Tears in Rain' is now available for £5.

Two years of work went into producing these eighteen tunes, some are new and not heard before, while others that were previously released on Youtube have been remixed to increase the audio quality.

All tracks on the album are the best sound quality possible for MP3, 320kbs.

Eternal Reich: Tears in Rain

Eternal Reich 01 - Salve Regina


Eternal Reich 02 - Hotel Home


Eternal Reich 03 - The Lion


Eternal Reich 04 - Evropa IV


Eternal Reich 05 - For the Sake of This People


Eternal Reich 06 - The Future Belongs To Us


Eternal Reich 07 - Awaken!
Eternal Reich 08 - Golden Dawn
Eternal Reich 09 - Liberalism Is Moral Syphilis
Eternal Reich 10 - Hail Mosley
Eternal Reich 11 - Oak,Fash and Thorn
Eternal Reich 12 - Prisoner Of Conscience
Eternal Reich 13 - Heorthfyr (album interlude)
Eternal Reich 14 - Sacred 14
Eternal Reich 15 - Sunne ft Survive the Jive
Eternal Reich 16 - Unholy Alliance
Eternal Reich 17 - Rise, Vril-ya!
Eternal Reich 18 - Tears In Rain Swansong

Buy the album for £5 - the zip file will automatically download once payment is made.

Pay What You Want!

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