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Radio Free Northwest: The Fatal Flaw of Tolerance – RFN 050219

Andy finishes his talk on waking people up, Harold talks about the corruption of our racial traits, Jason has news of a new affiliated NWF group and Gretchen reviews a Jorjiani book.

Andy starts by talking about the small amount of people willing to change their minds and act when presented with facts.

When somebody wakes up, it is because a person makes a choice to acknowledge something that they will have known for a very long time but simply didn’t want to deal with. It is not an external influence that causes someone to wake up, it is they themselves that are the catalyst.

Part of the reason for trying to wake people up, is guilt over not waking up sooner and most of the time it is a complete waste of energy. It is far better to work on your own character which you do have control over, than on other people’s characters, which you have no control over.

A clip of Harold follows talking about some of our racial traits that in their corrupted forms, become a threat to us. Self esteem served us well in the past, encouraging us not to take no for an answer, but in it’s corrupted form it becomes a danger to us as the ego that continually needs to be gratified.

Gretchen reviews ‘World State of Emergency by Jason Jorjiani’, which claims that 911 symbolized the move from an age of conflict into a clash of civilisations. It looks at the choice we have of an Imperium, a Caliphate or a Chinese empire and the need for eugenics to keep up with China.

The Trucker is in Minnesota and the cherry blossoms are out and everything is blooming, including the homeless people who are all over Seattle defecating in the streets thanks to the drug addiction problem.

Jason talks about some new migrants to the northwest he has met with and an organisation that has been formed to help people with moving there.

John Mark then identifies the number one law of political power, ‘the most intolerant group in society wins’.

Presented by Andy Donner

Radio Free Northwest: The Fatal Flaw of Tolerance – RFN 050219


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